Metal Engineering and Fabrication Contractor

Pro Steel Engineering can provide a range of services including light to heavy fabrication work using aluminium, stainless steel, steel & other materials for residential, commercial or construction projects.

Structural Steel

Structural steel fabrication involves bending, cutting, and shaping steel to make something. Steel fabrication is not just about welding a few pieces of metal, it is about using various materials to create products or structures in predefined sizes and shapes from a design or drawing. A structural metal fabricator can create a metal structural product that is often used in a construction project, including buildings and other structures using a range of professional equipment.

Our work is fully compliant to current Australian Standards and will withstand the toughest tests. Whether you need a structural awning for your commercial building, small or large residential block, warehouse, factory, or retail shop we can make all types of constructed items such as;

  • Structural awnings, carports or pergolas
  • Gazebos and other shelter types
  • Mezzanine levels in a warehouse that are engineer approved with handrails, platforms, gates and stairs
  • Shelving, racks, rails, sighting strips, bi-fold doors, decorator facades or table frames for shop fit-outs

On-site Welding

Pro Steel Engineering can provide on-site welding in Sydney for commercial and industrial projects. On-site welding has become a smart choice for many business owners to enable them to maintain their quality standards while keeping labour costs under control to meet project timelines. We can provide on-site welding for a diverse range of situations, even for manufacturers and building companies.

We are also specialists in TIG welding for stainless steel where high precision welding is required & it is also the only choice for aluminium welding in Sydney. We can also help with structural steel welding if you have large metal girders that need to be cut to size and welded building interiors & construction projects.

Machine Fabrication Maintenance

Pro Steel Engineering can provide machine fabrication maintenance for earth moving equipment, heavy machinery or even industrial plant equipment. We can provide general welding maintenance in Sydney as well as crack repairs or even modifications.

We have experience working with major heavy equipment brands such as Bobcat, Hitachi, Kubota, Kobelco, Doosan, CAT, Komatsu, and JCB and others. Having worked on many different construction machines we have high levels of expertise when it comes to performing maintenance work on your heavy equipment such as excavators.

CNC Plasma

Rather than hire full time staff you can contract Pro Steel Engineering to provide contracted CNC Machining, CNC Milling or general lathe work. Typically when a manufacturing business doesn’t have specific in-house CNC machining abilities you will need to contract this to other companies to save time & money. Costs for in-house machining includes expensive equipment, experienced staff and even floor space to place the equipment.

In contrast you can contract us for your CNC machining requirements to deliver high quality outcomes in a more commercially sensible manner. It also means you won’t have capital tied up in equipment that may get used infrequently. Many industries use contract CNC machining services for production of devices, electronics, parts for machinery where the extent of the contract can be limited to one small part or a production run.

Contracting Pro Steel Engineering for your CNC requirements also means you are hiring an experienced local business that works with steel every day. This means that we will take extra care and time to ensure your machining, milling or lathe work is done to tight tolerances with high levels of quality control and supported by the related certifications that prove our expertise.

Shop Fit Outs

We can help you transform an existing or new location into a space that is functional, practical & attractive. We can work with your designs to execute fit-outs for corporate offices, retail shop renovations or commercial building refurbishments. We offer a range of metals, including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum or even premium materials like copper and brass and ‘mirror finish’ materials for specialist executions. All metals are available in an array of finishes, including custom polishing, powder coating or even vintage ‘rust’ finishes.

The design possibilities are nearly endless as our CNC expertise means we can do sheet metal fabrication across a wide range of manufacturing processes including laser cutting, punching, folding, fabrication, fastener insertion, foam gasket application can deliver endless possibilities. Stainless steel can be folded, cut and shaped to make an efficient custom kitchen or new office space.

We can help to provide end to end fit-out solutions including steel fabrication, painting, electrical and everything else you need to create things like;

● Installation of equipment
● Partitioning systems in buildings
● Refurbishing or renovations
● Interior Design
● Kitchens
● Shelving or storage

Examples of products that we can make

Office hand rails

A balustrade consists of several balusters spaced evenly and connected to form a decorative railing supported by baluster posts. In other words, a baluster is a single post, balusters are several of those posts, and a balustrade is all of those posts joined together as a unit. You can make balustrades in a huge variety of materials, including stone, stainless steel, iron, chrome, wood and even glass. In most cases balustrades are used to support balconies and other structures although they have become popular for even things like stairs. We can help you make custom made balustrading to suit any type of commercial or residential application.


We can custom make louvres which is an arrangement of parallel, horizontal blades or slats that can be used to regulate airflow or light penetration. Louvers are often used in windows or doors in order to allow air or light in while keeping sunshine or moisture out. We specialise in crafting external louvres used on the exteriors of buildings, in fences or gates.

Privacy Screens

These can be created either as a functional element or a decorative feature piece for businesses, homes or public spaces. A privacy screen can be designed to block out pedestrians walking by, neighbours, the summer heat or even things like street lighting. We can help design and install a privacy screen that delivers a balance of functionality, design & practicality that doesn’t block out light or other natural aspects of a property.

Locakable tool boxes

We can custom design a lockable tool box that can be fixed to the rear of a ute or van to store tools & equipment. We can design the shape and size to meet your exact requirements. This means your storage can suit specific sized tools and equipment with purpose our purpose built designs.