Metal Fabrication Ideas

A collection of photos from the engineering and fabrication projects we have been contracted to complete in Sydney.

Structural Steel

We can help you with building renovation projects that require changes to the framework that require structural steel supports or even stand alone structures.


Adding a mezzanine made of structural steel is the most cost effective way to add more space to an existing building without adding a whole new floor. Perfectly suited to warehouses or storage buildings.


Our metal fabrication company can design, manufacture and install a custom made staircase anywhere in Sydney. We can engineer a staircase design that will suit your application whether that is a residential property, warehouse, retail store or industrial site..


Custom designed parts to suit any type of use on a vehicle like a lockable storage cabinet for tools on a ute, roof racks, storage bars or even side steps.


We hand craft metal balustrades and handrails for interior or exterior stair cases, walkways and other areas of a property that require access.

Steel Gates

We can custom design exterior gates for driveways or side access footpath areas for existing or new properties using a range of durable metal materials. Our designs can incorporate security devices like locks and be custom fit to the required space in durable metal materials.

Privacy screen gates

To complement a custom made metal gate we can also design and manufacture a privacy screen or louvre system that can be installed on a balcony, wall divider, front yard or deck area. They can be designed to fit new or existing locations in a matching design and colour.

Metal Fabrication

With many years of experience working with all types of metal we can do custom design metal fabrication to solve lots of different problems for residential, commercial or industrial situations like access ramps for driveways, goods lifts or custom made metal parts.

Office & Shop Fitting

If you want your retail shop to stand out from the competition we can help you custom design counters, storage units, display cases, awnings & many other items required to bring your brand to life.